Latest models in Our Quartz Collection

State of the art materials, proven technology.

Every Tschuy-Vogt design is fortified with the most durable, and technologically-sound materials..

Our watches are meant to be worn in the harshest environments, even if you never plan to. When you build a watch that is both reliable and tough, you prolong the enjoyment over a longer lifespan. Here is a breakdown of some of the materials we use, and why:

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Surgical Grade 316L Stainless Steel

Now an industry standard among quality watches, 316L Stainless Steel offers an extremely high degree of corrosion resistance.

Lesser quality watches made from lower grades of stainless (309L, and others) as well as lower grade base metals will fall prey to the elements and can begin to rust from nothing more than sweating while wearing your watch. In other cases exposure to sea water is an almost certain death sentence. But with 316L Stainless Steel, you know you have the highest degree of corrosion resistance in a hard steel that is less easy to scratch or nick.

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Anti reflective Sapphire Crystals

We employ the use of Sapphire crystals to ensure that you have a clear view into your dial at all times.

Far less likely to scratch than any other watch crystal material available, Sapphire is the finest quality, and the most expensive. We also treat the underside of each crystal with several layers of Anti-Reflective Coatings to reduce the reflective glare of light bouncing off of the dial and causing a “white-out” effect on the underside of the crystal. This gives you a clearer view at almost any angle.

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The industry-leading luminescent material.

Manufactured by Luminova AG is the brightest and longest lasting of all lume compounds in the watch industry. Our use of SuperLuminova assures you that every Tschuy-Vogt watch will illuminate brightly and for long periods of time. It is the strongest, non-radioactive substance applied to watch hands and dials, and with several colors to choose from, we are able to create unique displays that will excite you every time the lights go down.

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By using state of the art production facilities and highest quality materials, we build every Tschuy-Vogt to withstand the rigors of hard use, and preserve the original beauty of a new watch for as long as possible, so that you can enjoy them for a lifetime and more.