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State of the art materials, proven technology, rich heritage.

Brand History:

The history of war dates back to 2700 B.C with conflicts between the Sumerians and Elamites, and sadly has continued on into our lives today.

While there is nothing to be prideful of in regards to war, each progressing generation creates new machinery and weapons to adapt to the more modern times, locations, climates and enemies faced as war rages on. Tschuy-Vogt is a brand dedicated to the look & feel of military engineering and accomplishment. While still a new brand, founded in 2015, we want to create a feeling that is timeless.

Bridging the gap across generations, Tschuy-Vogt designs emulate the feel of the military from classic inspirations all the way to modern aesthetics. Design inspirations include Eastern European, Russian, Italian, German and U.S. military designs across 100 years or more, and pay homage to the great nations that have fought in some of history's greatest conflicts. From WWII pilot's style chronographs to modern GMTs, classic Field watches to Officer's presentation grade timepieces, we have a model for every taste and budget

Explore a world of history told through Swiss precision with Tschuy-Vogt Timepieces...

High grade Swiss and Japanese movements.

While the majority of our models are Swiss and use Swiss movements, we do occasionally select high grade Citizen/Miyota movements as well in an effort to keep our prices reasonable, without sacrificing reliability or accuracy.

Whether Swiss or Japanese, we use only the finest, most reliable and most accurate movements in both quartz and mechanical options to provide you with a wristwatch that will last beyond your lifetime. Choosing the right movement is a critical decision for each and every Tschuy-Vogt watch.

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